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Your seats look nice and you want to keep them that way for as long as you possibly can, but you’ll find that life can be quite literally messy, why not offer yourself some more protection for your seats. Get your seat’s protection to all of life’s messy mishaps; every sippy cup slip up, every drop of ice cream that comes rolling down your hands, those dirty clothes from a rough day, even after a day with the family at the pool, our seat covers have you covered.

There are a lot of different seat covers to choose from and choosing the right pattern and material for yourself can be tricky, choosing the right seat cover for your needs is the most important part when picking out your seat covers, we offer a wide line from our rugged Saddleblanket to our luxurious Microsuede we make a seat cover to fit your lifestyle. Our fashionable designs blend with the functionality of everyday life. You no longer need to sacrifice one for the other. With nine different materials offered finding the right fit is just a sure fit away.


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Bucket Seats Installation

  1. Remove headrests.  Loosely fit back and bottom sections of the seat cover by sliding directly over the cushions.  Make sure front sections match up, aligning headrest and control cut outs with their respective locations.
  2. Locate material flap on inside of seat cover.  Secure backrest by sliding flap neatly between the top and bottom cushion.
  3. Locate bungee and hooks on bottom of cover.  Run bungees through metal rings in flap.  Pull from the back to the front attaching to the loops on the front of the cover. Reinstall headrests making sure headrest accommodation lines up evenly.

Hint: Many Headrests have hidden release buttons/holes where the posts enter the top of the seat.

Bench Seat Installation

  1. Remove headrests.  Slide back sections of the seat cover over the seat.  Loosely fit, making sure headrest, armrest and latch cut outs line up evenly.
  2. To secure backrest push bottom of cover through the seat crevice.  Confirm seam lines match up then attach Velcro sections.  Pull stretch cords through opposite loops.  Make sure cords are snug and attach with the hooks.
  3. Loosely fit bottom section(s) over the cushion.  Tuck through the back crevice lining up any cut outs to desired fit.  Run bungee cords though loops and hook elastic straps together making sure cover fits snugly.  Reinstall headrests making sure headrest accommodation lines up evenly.

Hint: Many bottom sections fold up providing easy access to the bottom of the seat.


Before you choose the seat cover that you think best fits your needs, think about how each fabric is suited for the world you live in.  Whether it’s our most popular fabric, the Saddle Blanket seat covers that are made in the USA from a rugged tightly woven olefin, which combines extreme durability with comfort. While still allowing for a machine wash (drip dry only), that will help keep them looking new. If that doesn’t suit your needs and you’re looking for a material you can use with your Ford F-150 as you get ready for your hunting trip, then perhaps our Camouflage line is for you! This breathable polyester makes a great durable seat cover that will stand up to your needs. Another of our more durable fabrics would be our Canvas seat covers, repels dirt and stains, and adds protection from everyday damage that could occur from work, pets, kids or even the normal every day wear and tear that’s bound to happen. When the seat covers are too dirty, you can just drop them in the wash to get them clean again (drip dry only), keeping it that simple to maintain your cover’s protection. Are you looking for even more protection, want to make sure those ever annoying water stains don’t even get a chance to be absorbed by your covers? Then perhaps our MaxProtect Performance Ballistic is just for you. These dirt, stain and liquid resistant seat covers offer the perfect combination of durability and comfort for your everyday use!

Moving to our more comfort oriented seat cover fabrics, we must turn our attention to the classically classy Cambridge Tweed. This fabric is very similar to the original vehicle’s seats, with the piping you get a look of style that’s hard to ignore. This fabric is a great combination of style and durability!  Our Windsor Velour is a soft knitted polyester fabric that seems to almost fuse  with any car interior, giving an impression that it always belonged! The Microsuede fabric gives off a luxurious feel that will set your seats apart! This soft and supple fabric will change the way you feel when sitting in your seats.

Our Simulation Leather will give you the feel of leather seat covers without the dent in your wallet. These seat covers are made from top-grade vinyl and crafted to form a soft, supple and snug fit on your vehicle. Combining the luxury and durability that you can with Saddleman seat covers.  Our Neoprene line will be a great choice for outdoor adventuring or for use in your everyday work truck. This fabric is waterproof, perfect for when you just don’t have time to get completely dry before hopping into your vehicle. The Neoprene fabric is great for durability and fit, but the style can’t be overlooked, with its two-tone design makes your interior all the more eye catching!