The new Chevrolet Impala is mind blowing! It is definitely an enhancement of its current model, which was released six years, before the 2012 model came in. It has more power, better performance, and very attractive colors to choose from.

Instead of using the original cover that it has, why not spruce it up a bit by enhancing the interiors of your truck with better and more customized seat covers?

If you are on for this change, your best option would be the Saddleman brand for custom fit seat covers.

Saddleman’s seat covers are available in over 70 colors and fabric combinations, so you will never be bored mix and matching the materials or colors, to get the perfect cover for your Impala’s seats. The covers are also guaranteed custom tailored to fit each seat, for that perfect snug and smoothness. For the fabrics, below are the following options you have, regardless if you have the LT, LS, or LTZ model:


Here Are The Different Fabrics Available Under The Saddleman Catalogue For Custom Fit Seat Covers: 

  • Saddleman Waterproof Neoprene for custom tailored seat cover.
  • Saddleman Saddle Blanket for custom tailored seat cover.
  • Saddleman Canvas for custom tailored seat cover
  • Saddleman Cambridge Tweed for custom tailored seat cover
  • Saddleman Windsor Velour for custom tailored seat cover
  • Saddleman Microsuede for custom tailored seat cover
  • Saddleman Leatherette for custom tailored seat cover
  • Saddleman Genuine Sheepskin for custom tailored seat cover
  • Saddleman Camouflage for custom tailored seat cover


These are the different custom fit seat cover fabrics available for your 2012 Chevy Impala. Find which one suits you best, in order for you to have a family car with incredible style.

Many people adore the Saddleman brand when it comes to custom fit seat covers. Aside from having a wide option of 1980’s and up, all of their covers are air bag safe, and comes with a 1 year warranty too! Manageability is also not a problem, because there are no tools for installation needed, and it only requires 30 minutes installation. That being said, even a woman can install seat covers in a breeze, without the help of their husbands or professional help.

Saddleman’s seat covers are made with durable and closely picked materials that are all made in the USA. This is to ensure top quality only, and a reliable material that can stand the test of time.

Lastly, Saddleman is also focused on giving superb customer service before and after sale. They offer free shipping to eligible orders within the country, and offer a live support system, in order to help customers proceed with their orders, or to get assistance in finding the right custom fit seat covers for their 2012 Chevy Impala.

The Saddleman brand for custom fit seat covers is definitely the best in the market! Aside from the wide option available, quality and renowned customer service, are also on top of their priorities.