1990 Honda Civic Custom Fit Seat Covers

The classic 1990 Honda Civic is truly a family car. It has the power to drive families across the country, and the comfort that makes long driving a pleasurable experience.


Your Honda may still be working efficiently, but we’re sure that due to the long years of use, your seats may have depreciated its quality already. If that is the case, then you might want to consider checking out Saddleman’s wide range of custom fit seat covers for your 1990 Honda Civic.


The different 1990 Honda Civic custom fit seat covers of Saddleman is available in over 70 colors and fabric combinations, and there are available fits for all models, may it be a Base , DX, EX, LX, RT 4wd, SI , Hatchback, Sedan, or a Wagon. The brand also has a wide selection from 1980’s and up for custom fit seat covers that are air bag safe with guaranteed top quality.


All of the 1990 Honda Civic custom fit seat covers offered by Saddleman are guaranteed Made in the USA, with a 1 year warranty, for your assurance. The quality of the covers are top notch, and custom tailored to fit each seat, which are very easy to use and install; no tools to install, and it only takes 30 minutes to install. Maintenance is not an issue, because the fabrics offered by Saddleman are very easy to wash.


Here are the examples of the fabrics available for your Honda Civic:


  • Saddleman Waterproof Neoprene – for a more stylish seat, that is water resistant, to prevent stains and bacteria from building up.


  • Saddleman Saddle Blanket Seat Cover– it creates a perfect looking seat for your Honda Civic, with a snug fit that perfectly shows the shape of your car seats.



  • Saddleman Canvas Seat Cover – For people who wants to have a rough and rugged look for the Civic’s interior, then this style is right for you.


  • Saddleman Cambridge Tweed Seat Cover – for people who wants a classic, yet a bit of the elegant feel for the car’s interiors, then this is your best option for your 1990 Honda Civic custom fit seat covers.



  • Saddleman Windsor Velour Seat Cover – this type of seat cover is a perfect description of a smooth and comfortable seat cover. Padded with high quality foam, and covered with a luxurious feel offered by a velour. This is definitely perfect for the royalty in you. 


  • Saddleman Microsuede Seat Cover – this car seat style is definitely a great option, if you want to upgrade the overall look of your car’s interior to a more elegant feel.



  • Saddleman Leatherette Seat Cover – this style is definitely a combination of a polished look, and top notch protection for your car seats


  • Saddleman Genuine sheepskin seat covers Seat Cover – this style is absolutely the best to give your car a very elegant interior and a style that only the rich can afford.



  • Saddleman Camouflage Seat Cover – crafted with high-class polyester material, this seat cover is best to achieve a rugged look with a high level of protection from stains, bacteria, and more.


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