Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers


$322.99 bucket & $424.99 bench
Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers

Note: Armrests and headrests are not covered

Luxurious one-inch pile sheepskin seat covers with a high luster finish. Fully lined A full fit design with 100% acrylic back. Dry clean only. Made-to-order for your specific vehicle and seat style. 1 year warranty against fabric flaws and workmanship. Semi-custom design easily installs - no tools required

The use of sheepskin seat covers has been dated back to the Bronze Age, when people would use them in their carriages to provide warmth and comfort. There is nothing more stylish and comfortable than using a genuine sheepskin seat cover and I can assure you, once you try one you’ll have a hard time driving without one. While these seat covers do provide comfort and style, they also help to protect the condition of your car seats. We offer some of the finest genuine sheep skin seat covers that you’ll find on the market and our prices are fair.

Why Buy from Us?

We take every step to ensure that our customers are presented with the best service and product quality on the market. We offer absolutely free shipping and provide a one year warranty on all of our products; you will not find that with other companies.

Our seat covers are also of the best quality you will find. Each seat cover that you order is matched to your exact measurements, so you can rest assured that you will have the perfect fit for your vehicle. The stunning craftsmanship of our products is what sets us apart from others and we take pride in offering you a long-lasting, beautiful seat cover.

Why Use a Sheepskin Seat Cover?

It’s no wonder that sheepskin seat covers have been used for centuries, they offer a tremendous amount of benefits. You’ll be able to maintain the condition of your car’s existing upholstery; this will ensure that your car doesn’t lose value. If your car’s upholstery already has some cosmetic flaws; a genuine sheepskin seat cover will make it look stunning once again.

These seat covers are also a great way to either stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Wool has magnificent breathing characteristics that allow them to be extremely comfortable in any weather condition. These seat covers are also very soft and luxurious, it’s hard to resist sitting on them!

Along with being extremely comfortable, sheepskin seat covers are also very attractive and will make your car’s interior look stunning. You can choose from a large assortment of different types and styles that will be certain to fit your needs. Please note that these covers are dry-clean only!

About Our Seat covers

  • Our seat covers are easy to install and do not require any tools
  • The sheepskin is 1 inch thick and fully lined
  • Features a 100% acrylic back
  • Full fitting design
  • Each cover is made to order for your individual needs
  • Semi custom design




These seat covers are great for the price and my husband installed them in under an hour.

Saddle Blankets from Julie Armeniz. 29/06/2012

Many thanks. By the way, I want to say it was a pleasure talking with your customer rep Patrick (who took my order). Very informative, professional, and a nice guy.

Informative and professional customer support from Steve Corum. 29/06/2012