Saddleman Custom Car Seat Covers

The seats in your car are important and hold as much value as the exterior of your car. Car seat covers not only protect your car’s seats, but they make it look good, too. It’s your car – you should have it the way you want it. The high quality custom covers provide protection and comfort to anyone who sits in your car. Whether it’s a truck or a car we have the fabric that you want. We only sell OEM seat covers, not second rate covers.

There are many advantages to our seat covers that are not offered anywhere else.

Our Custom Fit Seat Covers

You won’t find the selection on our seat covers anywhere else. Our selection of auto seat covers is plentiful and will fulfill anything you want. We offer saddle blanket seat covers, camouflage seat covers, canvas, Cambridge tweed, neoprene, sheepskin and so much more. Our selection is so expansive that you’ll be left with plenty of options to fit your personality and your car. You can also buy them as a gift for your friends or family.

Any auto seat cover you buy from us will be shipped to you for free. You will never have to pay shipping with us. On top of that, our seat covers are easy to install and do not require extra materials to fasten or secure them. We will provide you everything you will ever need to install your seat cover.

Made in the USA

All of our car seats are made in the United States so you can be assured of its quality. By virtue of this, we are keeping people in jobs and doing our part to service our fellow Americans. Our quality custom seat covers stand above the rest.

You will enjoy your car seat and enjoy the value that it brings to your car.

Ford Custom Seat Covers

Saddleman offers you Ford seat covers to keep you comfortable – and stylish on your ride.  Our covers are all custom fit to the dimensions of the seats so you can have a nice look and perfect feel.  Ford is the symbol of the hard working people that have made this country great.  It was one of the first car brands ever made and it became the standard by which all cars are made and judged.  We aim to give you the highest quality product for your high quality vehicle.  There is a reason why 1 in 3 people prefer Fords over any other brand. 

Buy your Ford seat covers as a gift or spoil yourself with one that is long lasting.  As an added bonus, we’ll send it out to you with free shipping.  Your American-made product will go perfectly with your American-made car.

Chevy Truck Custom Seat Covers

Chevy has created trucks for the working man, the men who work hard during the day and play hard at night.  When people equate diligence and excellence they equate it to Chevy trucks and their owners.  Why not have custom Chevy truck seat covers for your truck? Ride in style with various designs and fabrics that suit your need.  Whether it’s neoprene, camouflage – or anything in between, you will ride in style with our custom fit seat covers.

At Saddleman, our products are tested and we include a warranty to back our work.  Protect your seats and customize the looks to your car.  Crew cab or small bed, we have Chevy truck seat covers for you.

Dodge Truck Custom Seat Covers

Competition knows no bounds – especially when it comes to cars.  Dodge is well known for their Chargers but you can’t forget about their trucks.  Dodge trucks constantly rate high every year in terms of quality, longevity, and safety.  For years these trucks have hauled large equipment to work sites and driven children to family outings – and everything in between. Dodge epitomizes the American spirit and our Dodge truck seat covers are made in America, taking pride in every fabric we put on your seats. 

Customize your seat covers however you want. Highly durable and long lasting, these custom seats are shipped at no charge and we’ll start working on it the day it’s ordered.  Order your Dodge truck seat covers today and enjoy your high quality seats for many years to come.

Toyota Truck Custom Seat Covers

Saddleman knows how to create some of the most durable, slick-looking seat covers.  Imagine having a custom made seat cover for your Toyota truck.  If you’re going to ride in style with your truck you might as well take it up a notch and add the extra soothing feeling and comfort that you deserve.  Toyota trucks are known to be stylish and chic with their updated features and their powerful engine.  

Whatever Toyota truck you own you’ll have the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that you we have you covered with customizable seat covers.  All of our seats are made in America, by Americans.  We’ll also ship them out to your home for free.  Your Toyota truck seat covers are waiting for you.  Simply give us a call and we’ll get started on them the day you order.

Nissan Truck Custom Seat Covers

Nissan trucks are dependable and very soothing while driving. But what will even make it more comfortable are customized Nissan truck seat covers.  These covers will add value and protection – and make your truck look that much more amazing.  Adding comfort and style to the mix, these customized seat covers can match your personality or your interests.  With a lot to choose from you won’t be out of options.